Chuck Baxter Chuck Baxter, 1927-2022

First post: Aug 25, 2022 Latest post: Sep 26, 2022
A beautiful light has gone out.  We will miss Charles H. Baxter in untold ways.  He touched so many and in so many ways.  Swept up in the giant menagerie of his friends, family and associates we are a vast and varied constellation of adventurers, drinkers, thinkers, jokers, escapees, nature lovers, intellectuals, scientists, philosophers, philanthropists, pool players, dog lovers, curmudgeons, optimists, pessimists, artists and plain regular folk.

We each know him in our own unique way.  He had an uncanny ability to make us feel like we were the special best one confidant, friend or co-conspirator that he had.  In fact, we KNEW we were.  This must be why he was able to attract and pull so many varied souls along and around him like a giant swirling cloud of stars.  Each of these orbiting bodies has unique perspectives and stories of love, thankfulness, admiration and joy involving Chuck.   We want to hear those stories.

Please share your stories about Chuck and your relationship and adventures with him.  Help us to a shared and fuller grasp of this remarkable man.  In so doing we can all keep him alive in our memories.  We think he would have approved of this approach to generative modeling in our collective conscious and unconscious minds.

Your memories are all appreciated. Come back, visit and contribute often!  With love from Susan, Greg, Cheryl, Jeff and Beth.