Christopher Lockwood

First post: Dec 3, 2019 Latest post: Feb 10, 2020
Thanks for visiting this Caring Bridge website.  I’ve set it up to keep folks posted regarding my December 9 surgery for a ruptured Achilles tendon on my right leg (formerly my "good leg") and my extended rehab period.  I’ll be sidelined for several months – no weight bearing for the first few weeks, no driving for 7 or 8 weeks since it’s my right leg, extensive PT, etc.
Things are complicated by my extensive house renovation which has been underway since earlier this year.  At the present time I do not have a functioning kitchen.  We’re hoping to get the refrigerator and stove hooked up on a temporary basis before the surgery.  I’ve relocated my bedroom to the first floor, adjacent to the downstairs bathroom. 

I’ve identified a couple of people I can retain to run errands and perform miscellaneous tasks, but I will be very appreciative of other offers of assistance from folks who live in the vicinity.  The Caring Bridge website home page has a “Ways to Help” page.  Hopefully this will be an efficient way for me to post things that might be helpful and allow interested folks to identify things they might be able to provide.

Thank you for your support and friendship - Chris