Christopher Geier

First post: Dec 26, 2017 Latest post: Apr 22, 2018
Hello family & friends. 

This is Chris's mom, Carleen.   December 9th, 2017 Christopher's life changed in a single moment and so did mine.   A parent's worst nightmare came to life....the phone call I hope none of you will ever receive.  

Christopher was in a near fatal accident.   He was a passenger in a friend's car.  They hit a commercial van going approximately 40 mph.  Thankfully,  both Chris was  wearing his seatbelt.  Chris' side of the vehicle took most of the impact.  Chris was knocked unconscious.  No one called 911 to report the accident and we aren't sure how long they were there when a police officer happened upon the accident at about 9:45 pm.   Chris had to be extracted from the vehicle using the "jaws of life."  They literally had to cut the top off the car to get  him out. 

The ER staff were advised that Chris was on his way 15 minutes before his arrival; which gave them time to prepare.  Upon arrival Chris was unconscious, not breathing on his own with a weak pulse and his pupils were not responding.  A very grave situation to say the least.  It was determined there was bleeding on his brain.  He was rushed into surgery within an hour of his arrival.   A portion of his skull  was removed was removed to relieve the pressure on his brain.  The bleeding on his brain was stopped and a blood clot removed.  He successfully made it through the surgery.   He was breathing on his own and his pupils were responsive.  He was in a drug induce coma and I was told the doctors would keep in this state for a week.  So, the seven days of waiting helplessly began.  However, little miracles began happening right away.   

On December 12th, unbeknownst to me, the doctors decided to wean Chris off the drugs keeping him in a coma.  He woke up around 8 pm while I was the only one in the room!  A truly amazing miracle only 72 hours from the accident!  He recognized me and responded to my questions by blinking!  My Christmas gift arrived early and my prayers were answered!  My heart was so full of joy I want to scream from top of the world!  I was even more joyful than the day he was born!  December 12, 2017 is his re-birthday and will be celebrated every year from now on.

This journey Chris and I are walking together will be a long one.  The recovery process will take months; maybe up to a year or more.   I ask you to add our family to your prayers and any prayer chains or groups you belong to.

We hope you had a very joy filled holiday season and you too received a gift as grand as ours.