Christine Dagher

First post: Feb 11, 2010 Latest post: Feb 8, 2020
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On Tuesday evening, February 9, Christine complained of a severe headache.  In just minutes, the pain severely intensified, radiating down to her neck.  Paul drove her immediately to the emergency room.  On the way there, Christine lost consciousness in the car.  A CT scan in the ER revealed that she had a large hemorrhage in her brain.  She was then immediately transferred by ambulance to Baptist Hospital. 

When Christine arrived, the neuro-surgical team quickly evaluated her and rushed her to the OR for emergency surgery to decompress the pressure building in her brain.  They removed a portion of the skull at the back of her head to help with the swelling of her brain.  It proved to be successful, and the pressure gradually lessened.  A monitor inserted during the surgery continues to follow the cranial pressure throughout the day.

Christine is in critical but stable condition on life support (ventilator and pressors).  Wednesday, her first full day at Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Baptist, her neurological examinations gradually improved.  She could squeeze her fingers on one hand on command and occasionally wiggle some of her toes when asked.  Her CT in the evening showed no more bleeding, so she did not need any further surgery.