Christina Zellmer

First post: Jul 15, 2019
The battle has begun! Day one of 42 of the chemo & radiation combo has begun and we are one step closer to the end of treatment before we begin another. We are thankful that the active part of this treatment has begun and we feel blessed with the team of talented physicians that are over Christina's care. To share a little of our day we met with her pain doctor who made a few adjustments but is ready to make continual adjustments as treatments amp up and the side effects add up in her system. All the steroids Christina has been on has caused a lot of swelling and weight gain but today Christina has had extra swelling in her face and so her radiation mask really made some marks that stayed for around 45 minutes afterwards. We joked that she looked a little reptilian, it was fun for a few laughs because we know laughter is a great medicine. She did well through the procedure but as the day has progressed she has really been tired and struggling with bad headaches throughout the afternoon. She had a very busy weekend with an awesome surprise visit from her boys and great visit from her sister Anna's family as we got to meet the brand new & adorable Janet Lenore Hoelker. It was a great weekend but it really took it out of her. Tonight at bedtime she starts the first chemo dose. We are actively praying against nausea as she already struggles with nausea with any medication. It is a little disconcerting when you have to keep the medications in hazard bags and you can't touch them at all. This begins 42 straight days and many months of extra measures to not cross contaminate any of our household from the chemo that her body will emit through bodily fluids. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. She is so strong and she has a tremendous fight in her spirit. She is going to fight this with everything she has! We continue to pray BOLDLY for a full a total healing of her brain and body. We pray for a miraculous healing that will point to only the author of creation! We ask that you pray boldly with us!