Chris Day Chris' Stroke Recovery

First post: Jul 8, 2019 Latest post: Aug 15, 2020
This is a spot for updates on Mum's recovery from the lacunar stroke she suffered the first week of July. We will also post ways you can help her, the family, and people Mum was helping pre-stroke. 

What happened: Starting early the morning of Monday July 1st, Mum experienced odd symptoms like leg weakness and confusion. Monday night we had a family dinner and Mum cooked an amazing meal for everyone. She felt (understandably) tired afterwards, but otherwise fine. Tuesday morning she noticed other symptoms like lethargy and her penmanship looking funny. By that afternoon she could not write her name, and Dad took her to the ED. They did a CT and admitted her for observation. That night she was speaking with a slight lisp and ate dinner with her right hand, which was moving a little slowly but still working. By Wednesday morning, Mum had lost all mobility on her right side. She said that each time she fell asleep, she woke up being able to move less and less. The next 48 hours were very scary for both Mum and us as she was understandably very fearful about sleeping and losing even more mobility. By Friday things seemed to have plateaued and an MRI and more CTs confirmed Mum had a lacunar stroke. The suspicion is that she suffered the stroke on Monday, and its effects took until Wednesday to fully play out.  The doctors are still not entirely sure what caused it, as she has none of the usual risk factors.  The good news is that this was not a hemorrhagic stroke, and recovery rates for lacunar strokes are very high. We are hoping and praying for a complete recovery for Mum and appreciate your love and support so much as we head down this road with her.