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First post: Aug 16, 2018 Latest post: Aug 29, 2018
Hello everyone. It is with great sadness that I report that our dear friend Chris just learned that the breast cancer we all thought was gone has metastasized to her bones. 

A recent bone scan shows the cancer is in 10 areas of her body, including the humerus, femur, shoulder, ribs, and pelvis. Some of the bones are now at risk for fracture so she has to tread lightly. Thankfully she only feeling some stiffness and slight pain in certain areas.  One of her doctors was shocked that she is not in more pain. Always a trooper... 

We met with the oncologist yesterday and the next steps are - you guessed it -  MORE tests! Chris now requires a bone density scan,  MRI of the lower extremities, CT scan of torso and brain, dental evaluation and clearance, and a bone biopsy.  In the meantime, the oncologist changed her Tamoxifen to a different medication which will hopefully help fight against progression. 

Chris did upgrade to an even better insurance plan this year, but unfortunately all of these services will not be covered 100%. She will incur quite  a bit of out of pocket expenses as soon as next week! That's where all of us come in. The immediate need is assistance with  co-pays for these tests, gas money to get back and forth, etc. Her medical providers are over 30 miles away. 

In the coming weeks she will have a treatment plan and we will share more details at that time. Meanwhile, please continue to keep Chris in your prayers during this difficult time. Please also donate whatever you can to help ensure Chris gets the procedures done that she needs. No amount is too small.  This time we ask that you donate via PayPal when possible to reduce fees. You can paste the link directly into your browser:  ( (GoFundMe donations are still accepted)

Thank you all for your continued support,