Chris Sean Smith

First post: Jan 12, 2023
Welcome to the CaringBridge website for everyone's favorite photographer, Chris Sean Smith! Thank you for visiting!!  I had to use an account I created a while ago through Louise the Stuffed Dog, so I'm not quite sure who will appear as the author...That will just be part of the fun!

As with my own CaringBridge site, I will update the Journal to let you know how Chris is doing as we near the date for his stem cell transplant, and, of course, once the process has begun.

He was diagnosed with Stage II Multiple Myeloma on May 25, 2021 and began an arduous treatment of chemo pills, chemo shots, steroids, anti-viral meds, and monthly bone-building injections on June 21st.  While he had been tired and cranky, with a low backache and little appetite for dinner since February, we sure didn't see THIS diagnosis coming after bloodwork for a routine physical.  The most he expected for the fall was a hip replacement to deal with the osteoarthritis that had been plaguing him for the past few years.

In true Chris fashion, he quickly got on board with his treatments, managing the grueling commute to work and his busy job--despite a summer full of treatment-related complications.  I learned as much about Multiple Myeloma as possible and did what I could to support him, fully planning to be his 24/7 caregiver for the next step, a stem cell transplant at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore this month.

All was on track until my femur (the same one that has plagued me since the sarcoma adventure of 2009) gave out on 11/8/21, followed by surgery on 11/11.  So now Chris the Patient is Chris the Caregiver, while I recover.  We expect to resume testing for his stem cell transplant next month, and I plan to take back my nurse's cap in time to  care for him.  In the meantime, Courtney is here for a bit to help us and take our minds off our troubles.

I pray often that Chris will have a successful transplant, that will lead to a lasting remission.  While Multiple Myeloma is not curable, it is TREATABLE.  And Chris and I still have fun to have, trips to take, classic cars to drive, a boat to get into the Chesapeake Bay, and a beloved daughter to visit in San Diego.  We also have a lot more laughs ahead...Even though we've been laughing since we first met at age 15, we just haven't laughed enough!

So, ONWARD!  He is blessed by wonderful friends and colleagues, and is much loved.  I will make sure to keep everyone informed, likely offering TMI, but Chris already knows that's just how I roll!