Chris Makris Chris Makris

First post: Apr 27, 2022
Thank you so much for taking time to visit the site. I am looking for family and friends to send some positive messages to Chris. Most all of you know the Makris family, we have been in Ormond Beach for the last 50 years. Chris was diagnosed with cancer in October and has been in the fight of his life ever since. What started as some upper jaw pain which we thought was tooth related pain. After several rounds of antibiotics and steroids we went to see a ENT. They found a mass behind Chris’s sinuses, this came back positive for a squamous cell carcinoma. Chemotherapy was started immediately locally here in Ormond Beach with Dr. Alexander. We visited specialists at Florida hospital celebration and MD Anderson in Jacksonville. We chose to go with Dr. Smith and Dr. Ahmed at MD Anderson in Jacksonville one of the best cancer institute in the country. Chris had a 14 hour surgery January 4 followed by eight weeks of recovery before starting chemo and radiation in March. We are going to Jacksonville five days a week for treatment. Chris has about two weeks left of radiation and one more chemo treatment.

Chris has been a warrior through all of this. The last week and the next two are going to be the most difficult. Every person has a breaking point, and we are so close to the end. I am asking all family and friends to please send Chris some prayers and positive messages to help him through this last couple weeks. We were going to keep this kind of private but at this point I think everybody needs to wrap your loving arms
around him. My brother is a great person that would never ask for help, he would help anybody that needed it. Let’s do the same for him. Thank you for your time.

Love Steve Makris 🙏🏻❤️😊