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First post: Feb 12, 2021 Latest post: Feb 5, 2022
Thanks for visiting.  The posts here are about my experience with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, a rare cancer that's hard to spell, hard to pronounce and which I would rather not have. It's also known as bile duct cancer. That's pronounceable and easier to spell but I still would rather not have it. However, I do have it, and am in the process of doing something about it. I have outstanding health professionals working on this, including a surgeon who specializes in liver surgery, a GI oncologist and a community oncologist. I also have family and friends who care about me as well as some super strong prayer support.  Right now everything is new, and emotions are much like a roller coaster ride - up, down, and upside down! So we're taking it one day at a time and maybe considering some new ways of coping. How about green hair? :)