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Chris went to the emergency room last Wednesday (6/5) and ended up admitted to the hospital with a potential blood infection.  On Thursday (6/6), she was feeling somewhat better and was planning on being discharged on Friday morning. The doctors thought, but did not know for certain that her symptoms were either a blood infection or a reaction to a medication that she had recently started.

On Thursday evening, Chris started to have a high level of anxiety, difficulty breathing, and high heart rate that continued through the morning. An Xray showed fluid in her lungs that was not present the day before and none of the treatments and medications were helping her to breathe better. This resulted in lowered oxygen and heightened carbon dioxide levels in her blood (blood gases). 

Chris was transferred on Friday (6/7) morning to a larger hospital with the thought that intubation may be needed to help her breathing get under control. Chris was coherent and talking to us despite her very difficult breathing, but it was determined that she should be intubated to help even out the blood gas levels to avoid further injury. So, shortly after arriving to the larger hospital, Chris was intubated.

The intubation did not work as well as doctors had hoped so on Saturday they added a paralytic medication and ECMO (does the work of lungs and heart) machine to allow Chris' lungs time to rest and heal. Sunday, they reduced the paralytic medications and that went well, as well as her lung Xrays showing improvement. On Tuesday (6/11) the ECMO support was reduced but had to be reintroduced by evening because Chris became agitated and her blood gases started to fluctuate the wrong directions again.  This morning (6/12) the paralytic medication was also reintroduced because Chris was fighting with the ventilator and her blood gases were once again not leveling off as they should.

At this time, there has been no official diagnosis given, but this is assumed to be caused by an allergic reaction to a medication.

We appreciate the love, prayers and support that has been pouring out. Chris is strong and a fighter, but she needs rest right now. Thank you for continuing to support her and the rest of us over the last week and in the coming days. We will keep you posted as we know more. 

**please note: any contributions to Caringbridge go to the Caringbride site, they do not go to Chris. A Go Fund Me will be set up in the next few days for those who would like to help support the cost of Chris' care and lost work time**

Thank you,

Chris' family