Chris Haack

First post: Nov 5, 2022 Latest post: Nov 6, 2023
In June 2022, routine MRI and CT scans discovered an unexpected brain tumor behind Chris’ left eye.  This type of tumor (a meningioma) is usually benign, and even though Chris had never felt any ill effects, her tumor had grown very large and was exerting potentially dangerous pressure on her cranial nerves and arteries.  After much medical consultation and soul-searching, Chris elected to undergo a delicate and complicated procedure to remove the tumor.

On November 18, a stellar team of neurosurgeons at the Mayo clinic performed an 11-hour frontal craniotomy and were able to remove substantially all of the meningioma without any damage to Chris’ brain, optic nerves or cranial blood vessels.  A biopsy of the tumor confirmed that it was a Grade I meningioma - benign, slow-growing and the least likely type to recur. 

Chris’ recovery is proceeding well.  It will take several months for her to fully regain her strength, stamina and balance, but every day brings little steps forward.  Her left eye has been slow to open and does not track correctly with the right eye (partial third and fourth cranial nerve palsy).  Hopefully this side effect of surgery will dissipate over time.   In the meantime, Chris’ appetite for life (and good food) is bouncing back.  We walk and talk and sing and dance and pray every day.  We are immensely grateful for the talent and dedication of everyone at the Mayo clinic and the overwhelming support of all our amazing friends and family.