Chris Grattan Crushing Amyloidosis

First post: May 28, 2021 Latest post: Oct 24, 2023
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What’s going on with Chris? 
Hi There!!
Chris and I decided to put this blog together to keep everyone updated on his condition. Rather than texting and emailing, we thought we would cast a simpler, wider net to answer questions and explain his journey.

He’ll be looking at this daily and seeing comments which will be of immense encouragement to him.

When he was in the hospital with COVID Pneumonia, all of YOU contributed greatly to his recovery. When we sent him all of your prayers, encouraging emails, texts and Facebook prayer groups, he started to heal!! The day after I sent him a compilation of your communication to me, his health reversed from a dismal downward trend to an encouraging improvement!! So thank you for that!! You might ask, “Why does a healthy looking guy need chemo and a stem cell transplant?” I’ll do my best to explain.

Chris has a rare blood disease called AL Amyloidosis. It presents itself like Multiple Myeloma, which he was previously diagnosed with.
Amyloidosis (am-uh-loi-DO-sis) is a rare disease that occurs when an abnormal protein, called amyloid, builds up in your organs and interferes with their normal function.
Amyloid isn't normally found in the body, but it can be formed from several different types of protein. Organs that may be affected include the heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, nervous system and digestive tract. (Mayo Clinic)

So, basically this treatment will keep the abnormal proteins from further attacking and degrading his vital organs.