Chris Dixon Chris Dixon

On Valentine’s Day 2019, my dad, Chris was taken to the ER after suffering severe chest pains.  The following morning we saw a cardiologist. Upon returning home my dad suffered another heart episode resulting in an ambulance ride to the Heart Hospital Baylor Plano. Dad spent 12 days in the hospital. A team of 18 doctors and many other medical professionals discovered that dad had an infected cyst in his abdomen, likely the result of a surgery to remove prostate cancer that he had in December.  They also discovered that dad as aortic stenosis and a bicuspid valve which will need to be repaired within a year or it could be terminal. He is now home, but unable to do much movement.  He will be getting daily intravenous antibiotics which will be administered at home by me or one of my siblings. He is unable to work.  Once the infection clears, they will be able to do the open heart surgery to repair the valve.  He will go back in the hospital and then be on a two month out patient recovery program.  Thank You all for your prayers!!  I know my dad is in God’s gracious hands.  -Jeanneane