Chris Jordan Chris and Amanda Jordan

First post: Jan 16, 2022 Latest post: Jun 26, 2022
Welcome to Chris & Amanda Jordans CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.

Chris was diagnosed October 2019 with stage IV metastatic prostate cancer after having a scan of his shoulder which determined he had prostate cancer that had metastasized to his bones. We made the tough decision to sale our forever home in Zephyr that Chris had just built for us and move back to East Texas to be closer to family, friends, and Chris’s medical team. We learned the cancer was in his ribs, spine, shoulder, hips, and thigh. Chris immediately began chemotherapy for 6 months. He ended treatment in April 2020 due to Covid.

During the months of treatment we started our search for a new forever home We found a beautiful piece of property in Safari Waters Ranch, 7 acres on a private lake. Chris was dealing with pain from his cancer but was determined to build again our true forever home.   He accomplished this goal and built our beautiful home in 8 months all while dealing with pain, receiving treatments for his cancer, and taking care of himself & family. We moved in April 2021.

Chris continued with treatments but unfortunately was forced into early retirement after our home was completed. In July 2021 we received more bad news. Chris learned he had a herniated disk in his L5. He was scheduled for surgery and learn even worse news. Surgery was not possible due to his platelets and blood being low. Chris’s cancer was spreading, his bones are not making blood and platelets like they should. He began having blood & platelet transfusions monthly.

In November he begins taking a pill form of chemotherapy & continues with hormone treatments. He is having severe headaches and constant nausea. We make the decision to see an oncologist at UTSW in Dallas who specializes in advanced prostate cancer. Chris had his PET scan and a brain MRI. December 2021 we receive extremely bad news. His cancer has progressed to his head. He has multiple tumors in the lining of the skull. These tumors are causing the headaches and nausea. Both oncologist agree that a bone marrow biopsy is necessary to determine that these tumors are metastasis from the prostate cancer and not another form of cancer.

The biopsy was preformed January 11. We met with Dr Courtney to discuss what next? He is recommending we see a nuero-radiologist and if the tumors are from the prostate cancer, Chris will need to begin radiation treatments. There is not a cure for the cancer in his bones but radiation can slow the progression down. After radiation chemotherapy is recommended.
This is where we are at today January 2022.

Since the completion of our home, Chris has not been able to work. Like I said earlier, he was forced into early retirement. Due to his blood and platelet counts low, he is always fatigued, can not afford to be hurt or cut as he could bleed to death. It has been very trying to maintain our daily/monthly needs on Amanda’s salary.  Finance’s has been one of our biggest stressors.  We know that God is good and He will provide.

Chris prognosis is not good, doctors say 1-2 years with radiation. With no treatment much less. We take each day, and see it as a gift. Chris wants to spend as much time with family, friends, and making long lasting memories. We appreciate everyone’s prayers, thoughts, and support. Thank you all again so much; Our family and friends are our rock.

Philippians 4:13.