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We are relaxing at Silver Falls before the Radiation treatment begins next week. Then I will have a Chemo pill and an  MRI follow up. I am hoping to get into a trial where they inject the tumor with Polio virus. There has been some success with it. The average time before all comes back with a vengeance is 6-11 months. There is No cure. Both John Mc Cain and I are in the same boat. God willing we will get more time. Again thank you all for the prayers and love.

Moving fast they gave another MRI on my chest and abdomen looking for evidence of tumors. None. So today April 4th I saw the neurosurgeon who has scheduled me for surgery on Tuesday April 10. I still have to have one more MRI as this will probably affect my speech. (Oh no! not that) That was supposed to be my attempt at black humor, sorry.
I will have Steve add an update on this site to help with all my wonderful family and friends who are concerned about me.
I love you all!!

This Saturday I thought I was having a small stroke as I started having trouble pronouncing my words. I sounded a little drunk. So I waited till we finished all our shopping trips that day: Costco, Fred Meyer, Trader Joe's and the Train Station too.  It was too late to go to Kaiser Perm Urgent Care so I went  to Salem Hospital ER. They gave me a CT scan to check what was up. It turned out to be a Brain tumor. They gave me an MRI with contrast that night. I begged off going to the hospital in Portland as the next day was Easter Sunday and I needed to absorb this all. 

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