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First post: Sep 1, 2021 Latest post: Apr 19, 2022
Hello Dear Friends...

This is Laura Washington and I am a friend of Cheryl, Mike and Ariella.  I am putting this site together in hopes that there is one website for the many different ways you can reach out and help.  From this site, you can donate money, meals, time, prayers, groceries, memories and stories, photos and more.  Your help so far has been overwhelming (in a good way) and it means more to Mike and Ariella than you will ever know.  Thank you all.

Cheryl's current condition:  Cheryl came down with Covid about 3 weeks ago (going on 4 now) and while she was in bed recovering, she suffered a massive stroke.  Mike called the ambulance where she was taken to Kennestone Hospital.  She was intubated and medicated.  She was non-responsive and has been since she was admitted to the hospital.  Over the past 3 weeks the staff has been lowering her medicine doses in hopes that it was the medicine keeping her from responding but at this point it seems that the stroke has affected her ability to communicate.  Her right side has been weakened/paralyzed but she does have seemingly random, sporadic movement in her arm although she isn't responding to commands (squeeze my hand, raise your arm, blink...) at this time. She had a tracheotomy a week or so ago but she is still on a respirator.  She is still not communicating.  She is still in ICU although she has been moved to a lower level of ICU care since she is stable for now.

Through this website you can click different links to help in different ways.  I have set up 2 separate Meal Donation links because it's the way the website was set up.  As you consider donating, please do not be discouraged if 2 meals get delivered on the same day.  Both deliveries will be delivered to Mike and Ariella and it can be used as a lunch or stored in the refrigerator for a different day.

Please feel free to call or text me at 770-778-1784.  Text works best and I promise to try to return calls and texts asap!  Feel free to leave journal entries, prayers, add photos and stories about Cheryl and contact me if you have any questions I can answer.  Thank you all so much for your love, support and prayers during this difficult time.  Mike and Ariella can feel the love you send!