Cheryl Gorham Cheryl Gorham's Journey

First post: Feb 24, 2022 Latest post: May 31, 2022
Cheryl had an emergency hysterectomy on February 16th at Standford Hospital due to a suspicious growth on her ovaries.  The growth was cancerous, so the surgeon also removed a part of her large intestine, her appendix and her omentum (fold of fatty tissue inside the abdomen that surrounds the stomach, large intestine and other organs).  Good news, her lymph nodes were clear but still waiting for the Pathology results to determine type of cancer and stage.  She has a temporary ileostomy bag until the lower part of her intestines heal.

Cheryl went home on Sunday, February 20th and has been steadily improving and getting stronger.  She is now getting out of bed by herself and walking around on her own - even venturing downstairs a few times!

In 3-4 weeks, chemo will begin once they determine the type of cancer and Cheryl has recovered a bit from the surgery.

If you wish to send something to Cheryl other than regular mail, please send to her sister, Suzanne Schmidt and she will deliver.  Address is 220 34th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.  Or send to Eddy at their shop Monday through Friday only:  Eddy Gonzales, 1334 Dell Avenue Suite A, Campbell, CA 95008.  Deliveries to their home are challenging because of how far up the mountain they live and the locked gate in the driveway.  Thanks for your understanding.

A lot of people have asked about bringing food, but at this time, Cheryl is on a very specialized diet.  So, let's hold off on a meal train (which can be done through this site in the future), but Eddy does still need to eat and he is stretched very thin with work and care for Cheryl each evening.   Check with Eddy to see what he needs before delivering anything please.  Cheryl says he needs to eat more salad - LOL!

Phone calls are still too tiring but text and photos are good - particularly anything inspirational or funny :)   She requests no visitors at this time because it is so tiring.  When she's stronger and up for it, we'll let you all know.  Thank you all for your support and please send her lots of love and positive energy for healing!