Cherie Gray Cherie Gray

First post: Jan 20, 2019 Latest post: Mar 6, 2021
It was November 29th, 2018 when we first heard the words “colon cancer”.  After a long night in ER Cherie was admitted to the hospital, with immediate surgery recommended.  After just having celebrated her 50th birthday in May, it all came as a surprise.  Life changed overnight.  She was in the hospital for 10 days, and since then her daily life has been filled with doctors, surgeries, appointments, diet changes, decisions, and insurance battles.  The PETscan eventually implied that the cancer may have spread to the aorta, chest, and liver. Chemo began on January 16thwith an aggressive regime of four hours every other week, plus a pump to wear home.  The doctors said “stage four”, but Cherie and her family know that it is God who holds the future in His hands.  We are thankful that the Sovereign One has written many miracles into this story.  We want to endeavor to share some of that here, as well as on where Kristi is documenting more.  We invite your comments, thoughts and prayers to encourage Cherie and her family on this journey.