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First post: Aug 16, 2018 Latest post: Aug 23, 2018
The backstory: [All written by her daughter Mary, so mom = Charlotte]

In June, mom began experiencing some jaw pain/fatigue. A few doctors visits later, she was referred to a rheumatist but couldn't get an appointment until August. On July 5th, she had numbness in her left foot and tingling in her left hand, so we went to the emergency room where they ran a battery of tests and kept her 1 night to make sure she wasn't having a stroke. No stroke, so they sent her home thinking it was a pinched nerve in her foot.  Over the next few days, the numbness went away but then came back in her right foot, so she stopped driving. The numbness was off and on a bit for 2-3 weeks.

On July 23rd, both feet were numb making it difficult for her to walk, so she borrowed her friend's walker. She went to the hospital on the 25th at the advice of her oncologist (basically her PC doctor since breast cancer 10 years ago). Symptoms at that point were numbness/shooting pain in both feet, left hand, jaw fatigue, and she had lost about 20 lbs in 6 weeks due to not wanting to eat because of her jaw. Since being in the hospital, she's also had trouble hearing in 1 ear and occasionally double vision.

Through all of these symptoms and eleventy bagillion tests, her spirits have remained high. Thanks for visiting her site as we figure out what's going on.