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First post: Oct 10, 2020 Latest post: Jan 15, 2021
You are reading this because you and Charlotte love and care about each other and we are all in this fight together with her to kill the cancer with LOVE! 

Our dear Charlotte has been diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. She has undergone a unilateral mastectomy, as well as a second surgery to remove lymph nodes (which thankfully came back clear!) However, she is in too high a risk group for reoccurrence without further treatment.  She is now beginning a 5 month regimen of AC-T chemotherapy, after which  her medical team (Dr. Sarah Pesek and Dr. Savage at St. Peter’s Breast Center in Albany, NY,  and  oncologist Dr. Maria Theodoulou of NYOH, Hudson, NY) will determine if she needs radiation, before undergoing reconstructive surgery.  This process will take her through late spring 2021. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, Charlotte has to undergo all of this on her own, however, she feels very comfortable with her team, and says the nurses at her chemo clinic in Hudson, NY treat her like family! 

Many friends and family want to know how they can help! First, we have set up a gofundme ( to raise money to lesson the immediate financial strain on Charlotte, Alex and the kids. Charlotte is unable to work for the foreseeable future. Alex is working full time to support the family and when he’s home he is working non-stop to renovate the historic home they invested in a few years back as a fixer-upper. Currently, he is insulating and replacing the siding on the exterior of this three story home before the winter months set in. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their three children, Lilia, age 12, Nikolai age 10 and Vika, age 6 are only able to attend school in-person two days per week. They learn remotely at home for the remaining days of the week. 

The family’s needs include but are not limited to: essential car repairs that will ensure safe travel to and from treatment for Charlotte and to/from work for Alex; the ability to finish installing a second bathroom in the house adjacent to Charlotte's bedroom so that she doesn't have to share with her family of five; completion of a guest room so that friends and family are able to comfortably visit and provide support; assistance with childcare; rides to kids' activities; remote learning support; rides to chemo, errands, etc. Food supply including healthy meal plan subscription for Charlotte, and home cooked meals for kids and Alex featuring their favorites (sign up on Caring Bridge site); funds for incidentals and complimentary therapies such as healing massage, reiki, aromatherapy, etc. And finally, lots of messages of support and love with no expectations in return (we want Charlotte to rest!). 

Please donate what you can to Charlotte's gofundme ( Then frequently visit Charlotte’s CaringBridge (  page to leave her a message and see what other ways you can lend a hand. The CaringBridge Planner allows you to independently sign up for all the things she may need without Charlotte having to worry about communication. 

Please be sure to create an account with CaringBridge so that you get the latest information and needs for Charlotte's journey through this. 

Meghan, Talia and Kim (her sisterhood from CHAM in the Bronx) will keep you updated on CaringBridge so you know how she is feeling and you can leave her messages of support! Charlotte will be checking it and sending out messages as she feels able also! 

Thank you all in advance for an outpouring of love to support this amazing light in all of our lives!