Charlie Rorke

First post: Jun 28, 2020 Latest post: Apr 14, 2021
On June 1st, Charlie was involved in a devastating motorcycle accident on his beloved dualsport. He endured over 40 hours of surgery during the first two weeks while in trauma ICU and more than a dozen more hours of operations in the subsequent weeks. The medical staff worked diligently to save his life, his severely injured right leg, and monitor his brain bleeds. They set his compound humerus break, set mesh in his face from 7 fractures and a collapsing orbital socket (he was wearing a full-face helmet - the impact of the vehicle and the ground was just that hard), and took skin from many sites on his body to graft onto other sites of severe road rash and burns. Some of his tattoos have even been displaced! Through it all, Charlie has been incredibly brave, exceeded doctor's expectations turn-after-turn, and managed to reach out to friends and family through a delirium-ridden Traumatic Brain Injury. Those friends and family wait with bated breath for the next pronouncement of his stability, his prognosis, and the possibilities of what his recovery path will look like for years to come.

Charlie is a skilled 3D animator, passionate outdoors enthusiast, and talented dirt bike, skateboard, and snowboard rider. His life philosophy is to enjoy being a kid for as long as he can, even though he is 33-years-old. He embraces the world with childlike wonder and enjoys adventures beside his girlfriend, family, Siberian Husky, and Calico Cat. He always offers his hands and varied expertise to those in need. While we don't fully know what his recovery path looks like at this time, we do know it will involve a shifting paradigm for what is possible due to his indomitable strength. The journey will be bolstered with the support of friends and family (and strangers from communities all over the world) who are sending warm wishes, good vibes, and strength to Charlie as he weathers this storm. It will not be an easy healing process, for his body (with titanium rods and plates in his femur, tibia, knee, and humerus), his brain (TBI recovery), and his soul, but he is forged with deep ferocity and determination to meet his daily and long-term goals. 

You're welcome to follow along his journey -- and thank you so much to those who already have. 

** The first journal entries on this site do include the Update History that Charlie's friends and family were conducting through his GoFundMe, if you'd like to catch up or reference the first month of Charlie's journey after the accident. Thank you. **

Charlie also has a  KudoBoard if you would like to add a picture, .gif, or video to brighten his day! Thank you!