Charlie Hanson

First post: May 7, 2020 Latest post: May 27, 2020
Welcome to our CaringBridge website. On Tuesday May 5th Charlie was having a pretty typical evening with his family at home. Charlie was in the garage with his wife, Meghan, talking about pedal bikes when he suddenly collapsed. He was taken, by ambulance, to Mercy Hospital where he was admitted to the ICU. Upon his collapse he began having, what looked like, seizures and struggled to breath. Neighbors called 911 and helped with trying to revive him. Once the ambulance arrived they continued CPR and needed an AED to restart his heart. Charlie had a strong pulse as the ambulance left for the hospital. Since being admitted they've run a series of tests. So far, all of his tests are coming back normal. There's no real indication of a heart attack, his heart function is down about 10%, which they tell us is expected after being stunned by an AED. He's had CT scans of his head and chest and they are normal and not showing any signs of concern. Because he didn't wake up on his own when they were able to restart his heart they began cooling him, to 92*, to give his brain a chance to heal of any potential damage. Once they warm him back to an average temperature and are able to reduce his sedation they'll begin neurological assessments and other heart tests. They do not expect him to wake easily from sedation so expectt that he'll take a day or two to wake up. As of now Charlie is in a medically induced coma and resting comfortably.