Charles Zino

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my dear husband, Charles Zino, beloved husband, father, friend, and brother. He was born on August 25, 1956 and was with us until November 27, 2020. Not long enough.

Given a terminal cancer diagnosis four and a half years ago, he was told he only had about a year to live. Take that cancer! He beat you and the odds. In that time, he lived every second of his life to the fullest. With friends and family calling him and visiting him all the time, he created some wonderful memories for us.  

He spent most of his career working for an advertising company and eventually rose to the Director of Sales Training and Management. He loved working with people and teaching them the work he felt passionate about to help small businesses succeed. There were many people that he worked with that still called him today. Having this extra time allowed them to reach out and let him know what an impact he had on their lives.

After his diagnosis, Charles still had some time where he was feeling healthy. He began to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club. It was a wonderful way to have a purpose, continue to touch the lives of young people, and see them change and grow. 

I do not feel he is defined by the work he did. To me he is defined by his unconditional love, his kindness, his loyalty, and his ability to see all sides of every situation. He was an amazing and level-headed partner to talk to and share my thoughts with.

He was a wonderful dad that loved his children so completely. There was never a baseball game or a dance recital he didn’t attend. No matter where he was traveling to or what else was going on, that was his priority. His devotion to his children had no boundaries and he imparted his love for life and ethical code on them. He showed them his ability to be responsible yet wonderfully spontaneous. 

Spontaneous, a word I didn’t even know how to spell. I would have missed out on a lot in life if my partner didn’t bring that into my world, and for that I am forever grateful.

He is survived by his wife, MaryEllen Zino, his children Christopher Zino and Elizabeth Zino, his sisters Barbara Tuohy and JoAnn Zino, and an endless list of friends — some of over 50 years — including Steve, Kenny and John.

While there will not be a formal funeral service, an intimate celebration of life will be held in Asheville, NC where he will become part of a living landscape, reinforcing the cycle of life. In lieu of flowers, a donation to the Boys and Girls Club in his memory would mean a lot.

With love and gratitude,