Charles Brucker

First post: Jan 3, 2021 Latest post: Jan 3, 2021
On December 27, 2020 Daniel and Lorie’s 16 
year old Son Charles was involved in a 
Horrific vehicle accident and was flown to 
Wake Forest Baptist trauma center 
by helicopter .  Charles was placed into
Trauma ICU and is on a ventilator, in medical
Coma, and has a pressure monitor in his head. 

Doctors have determined that Charles has 
severe life threatening injuries.  

He has:

SAH temporal lobe(subarachnoid hemorrhage)SDH temporal lobe (subdural hematoma) Traumatic pneumothorax Skull                      fracture surrounding Carotid Artery.  Fracture of Sacral Fracture of OrbitalTemporal Bone Fracture  Acute Respiratory failureFracture of sphenoid boneFracture of sphenoid sinus Fracture of right posterior ethmoid sinus Fracture of right pterygoid plates. Acute nasal fractures bilaterally. There is blood within the sphenoid sinus. Small amount of fluid in the mastoid air cells on the left.Small defect in The right frontal bone, may be due to a burr hole with a tiny amount of intracranial bone dust in this region.Mild mass effect with some effacement of the left lateral ventricle. Very thin amount of acute subdural blood along the left cerebral hemisphere laterally and along the undersurface of the left temporal lobe and along the tentorium. 

Doctors said There was nothing family and 
friends could do but pray and wait on what was 
described as “a poor prognosis”.   
He was fighting for his life.

Unfortunately one of Charles’s best friends did 
not survive and another is in ICU fighting for 
his life also.

Daniel and Lorie have 4 other teenagers and will have lots of back and forth trips to Hospital ,
follow ups etc. Daniel has been out of work 
due to Health issues and Lorie lost her job due to Covidand only receives Unemployment. 

There have been so many prayers, well wishes, 
and good vibes from all his friends ~ near and far ~ Thank you!  So many people asked “What can we do? What does he need?

Can I help financially? Can I send flowers?…”

We have started this Go Fund Me account to 
ease the burden of his parents, Daniel and Lorie.  Over the next days, weeks, and months ahead
they will need to be at countless doctor 
appointments, therapy appointments, 
hospital stays and god knows what else .   As you can imagine the normal costs of  every day living...such as rent, food, gas, car, etc...the medical 
costs can be astronomical.

This will enable Charles’s parents to be able 
to concentrate on him getting better. 

From the bottom of our hearts we humbly ask
that you share this link with friends and family and if possible in giving (any amount will help).

We thank you for your support and God bless
each and every one of you!!
You know he has your back ~ unconditionally 
~ always.  Here’s an opportunity for you to have his.  

And if you can’t give, please continue 
to send your prayers, they are working.  We feel and seem them daily! 
Charles is the best Son, Brother, Cousin,and 
Best Friend to so many (who have you ever met
that has so many Best Friends! ). He is generous, loving, funny, brave as hell, selfless, caring, 
nurturing, protective, adventurous, trustful, 
loyal, and giving with everything he has that 
goes beyond generosity.

This family needs our help and prayers more
than ever!  Anyone that truly knows this family will tell you they will give anything to anyone 
if they can and Charles’s smile will light up every room he walks into. 

Charles is a Sophomore at West Rowan High 
and has a passion for Football.  He is such 
a loving child and so strong we know he can 
make it through this. 

Thank you all , updates will be posted as 

some have asked can you send gift cards 
for food etc.  you can send to :

Daniel Brucker 
C/O Charles Brucker 
3025 woodleaf rd 
Salisbury NC 28147

Thank you,
The Brucker Family