This was at Maria's house in June when I visited.  Brenda

Charlene Mulder

First post: Dec 3, 2020 Latest post: Dec 5, 2020
Welcome to the site for Charlene Mulder.  Charlene has been battling cancer since May 2020.  She has not wanted to share her information, but we felt it was important to do so now.  The cancer started as a mass in her abdomen which the doctor thought probably originated in her uterus.  It had already spread to her liver and lungs when it was discovered.  Charlene immediately took off of work and started chemo treatments every 3 weeks.  The chemo did its job and shrunk the tumors so she was able to breathe better and become more active again.  During this time, in August and September she did quite well.  In October she came out to California to visit Mom.  She had lost all her hair and got winded from walking after 15 minutes.  She used a wheelchair in the airport.  We were so happy to see her!  Then in November the cancer really took hold of her liver (and spread to her bones) and she had to go to the hospital on November 13th for pain management.  In typical Charlene fashion, she didn't tell Darla or I that she was in the hospital until 4 days later.  She came out of the hospital briefly on Nov. 20 and had one more chemo treatment, but landed in the hospital again until today, December 2nd.  At this time, Charlene is at home in hospice care.  The doctors felt like they were treating her symptoms, not the cancer.  So we would like to ask for prayer for pain relief, and peace and calm for Charlene's mind.
Our cousin Maria and Char's best friend Vicki are there now and will update us as well.  Thank you!