Chanza Family Chanza Family Recovery

First post: Jun 14, 2020
On Friday, June 12, 2020, the Chanza Family was involved in a hit and run accident on OK-51. They were side swiped which sent the car into a spin eventually causing the car to roll 4 times. Jacob (17) and Julia (15) were both ejected from the vehicle. Lily (12) and Amelia (5) were both banged up pretty bad but no serious injuries. Andy suffered a broken tailbone, but no other significant injuries. Rachel and Jacob sustained the worst of the injuries. Rachel has 2 broken legs and a broken back. Jacob sustained a broken back and 4 broken ribs. On Saturday morning, Rachel was taken into surgery to repair her legs. On Saturday evening Jacob was taken into surgery where they placed a rod, some screws and a plate in his back. Rachel will be going to rehab after her release from the hospital. Jacob may also need to go to rehab. The family does have insurance but the uncovered portion is already piling up. Please if you can donate it will help tremendously. We would also like to ask for many prayers during this time. God is so good that each of them survived this crash and we know that He will bring healing to this family. also please post any pictures or stories you would like for the family to see. click the links in ways to help to go to gofundme or the mealtrain