Chad Wideman

First post: Mar 18, 2022

*For continued updates while Chad receives treatment in Indiana please follow the Facebook page Wideman Strong. If you type it into the Facebook search bar it should pop right up. Thanks!

After finding a sudden growth on his testicle in March 2021 Chad Wideman was diagnosed with stage 2C testicular cancer and scheduled for an outpatient surgery later that week to remove the tumor. After surgery confirmed the tumor was cancerous, he began three rounds of chemotherapy. The Wideman's were told that testicular cancer is very treatable and the thought was that by spring of the next year, this would all be a distant memory and Chad would have resumed his busy life as a husband, father, Naval Chief and traveling softball player. On August 17, 2021 Chad was declared 'thought to be in remission', and the oncology team recommended no further treatment and that he be re-scanned in six weeks to confirm. Six weeks passed and unfortunately Chad's next scans not only showed continued cancer, but an aggressive spread that required an extensive surgery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center  to remove tumors and all lymph nodes in the stomach to stop the spread. After six weeks of recovery to include numerous complications and an extended hospital stay Chad was informed that the surgery had failed and the cancer had spread yet again, requiring a second surgery two weeks later that resulted in the loss of a kidney. In January 2022 the doctors diagnosed Chad with a rare, recurring sarcoma that had now spread further into his abdomen, into his lungs and beyond, with four totally new masses. He was soon hospitalized for infection and put on dialysis for kidney failure. Chad was able to stabilize and began another cycle of chemo, this time using a different drug that is the safest option for his now one, barely functioning kidney in hopes of buying some time until further treatment could be scheduled.

That brings us to now, and the Wideman Family's current need: Chad has been scheduled to begin a treatment using high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant(s) in Indiana that has been flagged as his 'Hail Mary' attempt at beating this battle. This treatment will span at least eight weeks which will mean Christina staying in a hotel nearby the hospital during that time in order to support Chad, and hopefully returning to Virginia Beach whenever possible to visit Rylan who will be at home with Christina's mother for the time being. Eight weeks in a hotel, travel, food, other necessities plus keeping up the home as usual and caring for Rylan mean astronomical unexpected costs for the Wideman family. They are so grateful for Chad's health insurance through the Navy, that his care-for the most part-has been close to home thus far and for all of the generosity to date but at this point, they need our help.

If you know the Wideman family then you know that they are the very first ones in line to help others...and that they are the last ones to ask for or accept help. Their family motto is 'just be kind' and it could not be closer to the truth. Chad is an amazing husband, the very best father, a good friend and an excellent, esteemed Sailor. If you're able, I'm asking you to please consider helping him and his family as they navigate through what has been to date the toughest time in their lives.

As sites like GoFundMe retain a large percentage of donations, please use the below options instead to ensure the Wideman's benefit from your full gift. If you would prefer giving by a different method, just let me know.

Cashapp: $ChadWideman
Paypal: @sunnyd3685c

For those asking for my information, whether to give anonymously, to allow you to give and request your gift be used to fund a specific thing/gift card/etc, or for any other reason, please find my details below. Of course, 100% will go directly to the Wideman’s in the way you’ve specified. 

Deidre’s Venmo: @Deidre-Krambeck
Deidre’s Cashapp: $DeidreKrambeck

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I appreciate your generosity and your continued prayers for my best friend, her husband and their son as Chad and Christina head to Indiana mid-March to save his life.