Chad Gabrysch

First post: Apr 13, 2018 Latest post: Apr 17, 2018
Wow, what a journey and the story is still being written! Started with muscle aches and some tingling & burning in feet and hands about March 7. I went to the primary care dr who put me on several meds to help the symptons. Nothing worked and they were getting worse, so after a week of seeing the primary and not getting better, he sent me to the ER. I drove home to pick up a few things and barely made it walking in to the ER. They had to bring a wheelchair so I didn't collapse. I was admitted on March 14. After 2 long days of being poked, prodded, interrogated and ran through about every test possible, they came to the conclusion that I had Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Lucky me! 1 in 100,000! So they started one of the treatments (IVIG) transfusions for 5 days. Things seemed to be a little better after this, but in the meantime, one of the tests came back positive for cancer in the lymph nodes (that had metastasized from a previous cancer almost 2 years ago).  

I really appeciate all the visitors who came to visit and brought gifts, cards or a meal or called or texted to check on me! Your friendship means a lot to me in this trying time!

So the plan was for me to get stronger so I transferred to the Rehab floor until things started to slide backward again. So chemo was scheduled immediately (as it was believed that the cancer had possibly brought on the GBS) to try to alieviate the symptoms of the GBS again. Chemo was started on April 12 for 5 days. Not lying- it's no fun but I got through it with a little nausea and not nuch appetite. Still waiting for my appetite to come back and my strength. This has just drained me on all sides!

So here I am today, April 17, over a month in the hospital, and HOPEFULLY will be getting stronger each day (at least until the next round of chemo!)