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First post: Nov 3, 2021 Latest post: Jan 10, 2022
I started  experiencing pain and 'squelching' while singing in the spring of 2021.  A July doctor's visit found a growing mass in my throat.  A biopsy was inconclusive.  Rather than more testing, it was agreed that I would go off to Paris and Rhode Island to have the time of my life and have surgery to remove the mass upon return.  The first surgery was Sept. 14th;  pathology showed two tumors, one 7mm in size,  one 4.97c in size: Stage 3 Cancer.  Another  surgery to remove more tissue and  create a margin found no further cancer was detected in the tissue!  Treatment has begun.  A  myriad of appointments are underway, most a mile from my home.  At this time I can speak, but my vocal cords are easily inflamed and exacerbated.  (I'm told I sound ok, but I feel hoarse all the  time - as if I've been smoking for 40 years.) I cannot sing.  It is unclear what further damage the treatment will proffer.  I've spoken with  other professional singers who have experienced this and only one was permanently damaged to the point that he no longer sings.  The docs feel the prognosis is good and that my goal of walking the  Camino  Santiago next summer is doable-I'm just going to have some hellish time between now and then.  At this time, only a select few visitors are allowed in my circle to limit my exposure to possible illness, which would delay and exacerbate treatment, but the purpose of this site is to keep you updated and provide opportunities for us to be with each other in spirit. Let us pray for one another!  Love, C