Cathy James Cathy James "Amah"

First post: Jun 3, 2018 Latest post: Jun 26, 2018
Hello All--
This is the chemo cocktail campaign to get Cathy back on top of the mountain. As most of you know, she had a ski accident and broke her back on March 31st. She had a hard time recovering and many health professionals thought it was due to her fall and a concussion. Her cognition and physical capabilities continued to deteriorate and after many weeks and visits to different doctors, it was determined that her condition was not, in fact, due to the ski accident, but to a brain tumor. The bad news is she has a brain tumor and will be undergoing chemotherapy again. The good news is her cancer is lymphoma  (which is treatable) and she has incredible doctors who think she will have a full recovery and be skiing this winter. However, she has a long hard few months in front of her. Her friends and family are keeping her strong and any and all support is extremely appreciated by her. Keep texting, calling, sending photos and please visit. We have a schedule of visits--please let us know when you will be in Denver on the schedule. Go to Helpful Task and to Planner and enter when you are planning on visiting.  In the short-term, for June, she will be in a rehab center at the Life Care Center of Aurora between chemo treatments where she can work with occupational and physical therapists. She can have visitors, but please make sure you are healthy!