Catherine Barkley

First post: Feb 6, 2022 Latest post: Mar 23, 2022
On February 7th, Catherine will have a preventive double mastectomy (PDM) at the Presidio Surgery Center in San Francisco. This surgery will take her lifetime risk of breast cancer from ~80% to ~3%.

Catherine’s mom Caroline was first diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 44. She was again diagnosed with a triple negative breast cancer at 55. In 2020, she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer that took her life on 3/09/2021.

In 2015, Caroline discovered that she was BRCA1+, a gene mutation that carries an extremely high risk for both breast and ovarian cancer. That same year, Catherine was tested for the mutation and discovered that she is also BRCA1+. The PDM is a procedure recommended by most physicians for people with this mutation.

Over the last 2 years, Catherine and her family have researched options for this surgery. They were thrilled to learn about Dr. Anne Peled, a surgeon in San Francisco who, along with her husband, Dr. Ziv Peled, developed a unique take on the PDM - a nerve-sparing surgery. Preserving sensation was Catherine’s biggest hope, so finding this surgeon was a huge gift and is why Catherine and her family are traveling to San Francisco for this surgery. For those who like to get technical, this is an over the muscle, direct to implant, sensation-sparing double mastectomy.

This is an exciting, scary and extremely important step in Catherine’s journey. Please check back here for updates along the way. Your encouragement and support is deeply appreciated by Catherine, Camden, baby Gryffin and their family.