Cassie Kraft

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Hi everyone. Im writing this to inform everyone what is going on with me and why I have this Caring Bridge site. A Couple months ago, I found a lump in my right breast, and didn't think to much of it. At the time it felt more like a bruise to me than a lump. After a week or so of it not going away, we decided I should probably go to Sandford in downtown Fargo and get it checked out. I went in for a  exam on Thursday morning May 31st, 2018 to Edith Sanford Breast Center. The Dr’s did a examine and ultrasound and confirmed there was a lump in the right breast and advised me that they should do a biopsy that afternoon.  I started the biopsy's at around 2pm that afternoon and did not get out of surgery until almost 5:30. They found 3 lumps in my right breast and had to take 3 different biopsy's. I got a phone call on Tuesday, June 5th with my results.  This was a very hard phone call to take, they took 3 biospys and 2 of them came back cancerous and my lymphnodes were not cancerous at this time. They told me that I have "Invasive Ductal Carsinoma" Breast cancer, Stage 2B grade 3 of the right breast. Since my initial diagnosis, I have had numerous Dr visits. Everything from meeting my oncology dr, to my surgeon, to my radialoigist,to my nurse coordinator and other people in-between. I will say that all these doctors and nurses have been very easy to work with, they are very caring and understanding and have a ton of confidence that I'm going to KICK THIS CANCERS ASS!!!!!! We made a tenative game plan on what to do as far as surgery first & chemo 2nd, or Chemo 1st and surgery second. This was all dependent on the genetic testing I had to do because of my family's history with cancer and how it has affected us. So our plan was to do chemotherapy first and then do a lumpectomy. That all changed when we got the genetic testing results back, which I tested positive for the BRCA1 gene, So our game plan is now to continue with chemo-therapy treatments 8 of them every 2 weeks and then have a surgery to follow. After everything and all the appts I have been through, I will be starting my chemo-therapy on Wed July, 11th 2018.  There are some people that are helping me out and have planned a fundraiser and benefit for me. The first one is a golf tournament on Friday, July 27th at Village Green in Moorhead, MN. The silent auction and dinner will be Saturday, July 28th.  I will try and keep my caring bridge updated as much as possible with the help of Chris on days I might not feel up to it.  I would like to thank everyone for all the thoughts, prayers, words of encouragement and motivation. This will not be easy, but my support system I have around me will keep me going, make sure I am always ok and they will always encourage me to KICK THIS CANCERS ASS!!!