Cassandra Pessini Cassandra Pessini

First post: Mar 4, 2019
On February 4th 2018 a mother’s worse fears came true for me. On that day my daughter Cassandra Pessini was diagnosed with a rear form  of ovarian cancer at the young age of 22. Her first surgery was in March of 2018 when they took 1 ovary and the tumor which was the size of a grapefruit. The this cancer is a fast growing cancer but the thoughts were they got it all with the first surgery. Within 6 month not only did the cancer come back but it had spread to her lung and heart. The doctors at that time thought chemo was our best option to slow down the cancer so she did 9 weeks of chemo at UMass Memory. February of 2019 the other ovary and another tumor on her uterus wall was taken but the blood work still shows signs of cancer. With another cat scan it is clear the tumor in her chest is in her lungs and connected to her heart. Now on March 11th Cassie will undergo her most extensive surgery they will go in take out the tumor in her lung connected to hear heart with that half of a lung and piece of her heart will also be removed. I figured this page will be easier for updates because I know everyone has great intentions but it’s truly hard to keep everyone up to date with everything happening. This page is a work in progress so again please be patient with me in updating it. 

Please keep Cassandra in your prayers during this the next month or so.