Casey Cropp

Our loving father, husband and grandfather; Casey Cropp had a heart attack on Saturday, December 4th.  Scar tissue in his heart built up closing off a stint from a previous procedure back in 2012. This caused electrical pulses on one side of his heart to be out of rhythm with the other side causing the arrest. Karna and Casey were at her parents house hanging Christmas decorations when Casey collapsed. Karna gave Casey CPR until the paramedics arrived on site. His brain was without oxygen for a period of time and we do not yet know the extent of his injuries. 

Since Saturday Casey has come off of the ventilator and feeding tube. He is eating and breathing on his own, he does have memory loss and the doctors are evaluating his motor skills. This event is nothing short of a miracle. The doctors and nurses are absolutely amazed at the progress Casey has made thus far. The path forward will be a long and slow process to rehabilitate him mentally and physically.  We are praying and hoping for a full recovery.

We want to thank everyone for the continued prayers and support. All of the glory goes to God in this situation. 

More than anything our family is asking for prayer, but if you do feel lead to give financially our family would very much appreciate any gift to help support Casey on his long road to recovery. 

Lastly, we cling on to the truths in Gods word. These verses have helped all of us so much through this difficult time and we share them with the hope that they will help others.

Philippians 4:6-7
Romans 15:13
James 5:13-16
Joshua 1:9
and many more

With Love,

The Cropp's