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First post: Apr 20, 2007 Latest post: Apr 1, 2022
Carson was diagnosed with stage IV, high-risk neuroblastoma on Friday the 13th of April 2007.  During 13 months at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, Carson completed: 13 rounds high dosage, intravenous chemotherapy; had surgery to remove his tumor; had bone marrow Stem Cell Transplant; and 18 rounds of Radiation Therapy.  Upon Carson's return home to St. Louis, he completed an additional 16 months oral chemotherapy. Carson's story is a true miracle and a blessing in disguise. Carson's Journey: A God Story of Faith, Hope and Love has touched many lives for the Glory of God! 

On November 22 , 2015, Carson was admitted to Akron Children's Hospital for intense pain in his back.  Unfortunately, a CT scan showed a tumor on his T8 vertebrae, which was later diagnosed as a relapse of his cancer—Neuroblastoma.  Carson had been NED—No Evidence of Disease for just over 8 years. We, and his doctors, were shocked to hear this diagnosis. Carson had to undergo emergency surgery to remove part of the tumor that was compressing his spinal cord. This was successfully completed at Akron Children’s, the day before Thanksgiving. Carson and Mom were medically transported from Akron to St. Jude on Thanksgiving Day 2015.  Carson has completed 5 rounds of chemo., The anticipated treatment is 7 rounds of chemotherapy; surgery if needed; radiation therapy (from the new Proton Therapy Center at St. Jude!); and 6 rounds of Immunotherapy, also known as Antibody Therapy.

As with the first chapter in this story, we stand on the promises of God, and Trust in His Wisdom and Divine plan.  We know that sometimes we don’t always get to know what God’s plan is on this side of Heaven, but we know that the Creator of all was not surprised by Carson’s relapse, and that He has a perfect plan for Carson and our family!  It is not always easy to trust in the unseen, but we know God is a loving, kind and merciful God who plans in Eternity, not in today. He gave His only Son for us, so we go through this journey not asking “Why me God?” but, rather, “Why not me God?” 

We hope you will join us in our Journey.  When we share of Faith and feelings, we are not trying to convert anyone.  It is our Faith, it is where we draw our strength and comfort.  Know that we believe in loving everyone, as we believe that is what Christ wants from us.  By sharing our faith, we do not want to offend anyone that checks in on Carson—please know all are welcome on our journey.  Please feel free to leave posts and comments, we love to hear from everyone—it creates a special feeling and warmth to read your notes to us. We pray that anyone that joins in our journey is touched in some unique way by our amazing boy, Carson Higgins! 


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