Carolyn Dotterer Carolyn 'Cas’

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Carolyn 'Cas' Dotterer was born in Sydney Australia on1943. When she was about a year old she got Polio and found herself paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors all said that she would never walk, talk or have any children. About a year later she walked out of the hospital and was able to talk quite well. She met my Dad and in 1969 they were married. In 1970 I was born and in 1973 my brother Jon was born  (the children that the doctors said that she would never have). Over the next 18 years Mom literally travelled the world, absolutely nothing held her back. After Dad retired from the Air Force and they settled again in Nebraska, Mom began going through Post-Polio syndrome. Basically this meant that she was more prone to falling and the left side of her body was getting weaker. Without doing therapy the doctors said that she may be confined to a wheelchair. Mom continued to seek therapy on occasion and was able to maintain her ability to walk. Mom watched my children over the years to help me with child care expenses. She was able to watch every step of the way as each of my children grew into the amazing people that they are today. In 2018, Kaitlyn gave birth to Mom's first Great-Grandchild, Wyatt. After Wyatt was born Mom watched him to help Kaitlyn with child care expenses. In 2019, Kaitlyn gave birth to Mom's second Great-Grandchild, Peyton. Since Dad retired from Bellevue University and was at home everyday (except Wednesdays when he golfed), Mom watched both the children a few times a week.