Carol Rock

First post: Mar 28, 2019 Latest post: Apr 8, 2019
Hi everyone. 

Two weeks ago, Mom (Carol) went in for a standard Cortisone shot. Two days later she began experiencing extreme pain, and was brought to Essentia for observation.

 The doctors were totally baffled; at first they thought she had a bad reaction to the Cortisone shot. That wasn’t it. After test upon test, the docs still couldn’t figure out what was causing her pain. They then thought maybe she was having severe migraines. That also wasn’t it. 

Finally, after nearly a week in the hospital and a moderate upswing in her health...her blood pressure went through the roof and she was admitted to the ICU.

Turns out she had a severe case of meningitis on her spine.  The Cortisone shot “missed” slightly, and eventually created a major, life-threatening infection.

Right now, she’s on the highest dose of antibiotics possible and is fighting the infection with everything she has. 

For anyone who knows Mom, you’ll know she’s about as tough as the come. She’s physically been through a buzzsaw over the past 15 years...and even with her struggles, she keeps on fighting.

We know she’ll fight through this, too. 

 Keep Mom (Carol) in your prayers and minds, everyone.