Carol Cunningham

First post: Oct 6, 2018 Latest post: Nov 3, 2018
This is a page where we can gather and share during this difficult time.   She was in good health in May 2018 when she embarked on a spontaneous cross-country road trip starting in Orange County, CA.  She was able to visit many friends and family during that time, and enjoyed it immensely.

Unfortunately, the trip came to an abrupt end in Kansas when she fell and ended up breaking a bone in her neck.  She was airlifted to Wichita, Kansas, where she was joined by her devoted husband Bob Cunningham for several weeks.  During her hospital stay they noted problems with her lungs and heart.  She was given a pacemaker, and when she was well enough to fly, she returned with Bob to Hawaii.

Her recovery went well, but was scheduled for neck surgery to repair the bone.  She was also having trouble keeping food down, which also meant she could not keep her life-saving medication down.  She had the surgery and returned home once again.  It less than a week before she returned the hospital after having a seizure in her home (and being carted out by a team of "hunky paramedics", which when she found out later, was disappointed that she wasn't conscious to have seen them.. ha!)

She was in ICU and sedated for some time, her daughter Robin Clayton with husband Brian Clayton flew to Hawaii and was with her as she came out of sedation and transitioned to eating solid foods over the next week.  Carol was able to talk during this time and she seemed to be on a very slow road to recovery.   After many weeks in the hospital, she transitioned to a rehab center.  

At some point during that stay, she aspirated in the middle of the night and had to be taken immediately back to the hospital.  Unfortunately, during this time her lungs were damaged too extensively.   She was on a ventilator, feeding tube, and purposely sedated.   

Her husband Bob and brother Steve Kahler have been by her side during this time, and her recovery did not progress as we had hoped and prayed for.

We started this page as way to keep you updated for all the people that cared so much for her.  She was an extraordinary person - and we love and miss her so very much.