Carmen Crowley

First post: Jul 19, 2018 Latest post: Mar 24, 2019
   In February, my primary care physician referred me to an Oncologist because of elevated blood platelets.  My meetings with the Oncologist began in April and included lab work, a bone marrow biopsy, a PET Scan, a CAT Scan and the removal of my Gall Bladder on 29 May.   I was diagnosed with Cancer of the Gall Bladder, an aggressive stage four cancer on May 31st.  One of the largest lymph nodes was entangled in my Gall Bladder and removed during surgery; three other rather large lymph nodes were deemed too risky to be removed.  The doctor told me that this aggressive cancer would soon spread, giving me five months to live without Radiation and Chemo Therapy treatments and ten months to live with these treatments.  Having or not having these cruel treatments was an easy decision for me.  I decided to go to a healing institute for two weeks in Loveland, Colorado, Eden Valley; a lifestyle changing institute based on natural treatments & medications and prayer.   Ken came with me and not only participated but was also my rock of support.
   Since returning from Eden Valley, I have changed my diet to a virtually vegan diet abstaining from just about all sugar, occasionally having very small servings of grapefruit, berries or green apples.  The wonderful Christians at Eden Valley are continuing to treat me as an out patient;  I am traveling to Loveland a couple times a week for Fever Baths and Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments in an effort to attack these aggressive cancer cells that are running wild in my body.  
   I met with my Oncologist again on July 12th and had additional lab work done and am scheduled to have another CAT Scan next week and at the end of July another meeting with my Oncologist.  I will continue to periodically update new information and activity on the CaringBridge website.  I covet your continued prayers for my healing. Your prayers are most appreciated.  May God Bless You!  Love Carmen.