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First post: Feb 19, 2019 Latest post: Feb 18, 2020
About two years ago, Carly was complaining of some mild knee pain. We brought her to the doctor and she was ordered some physical therapy. We only went to two visits. One year later, she noticed her knee was getting bigger. It wasn’t really hurting, just growing. 6 months later she said her knee was getting stretch marks. We looked at it and thought, ok time for a doctors appointment. That was on Monday Jan 28th 2019. Tuesday Jan 29th 2019 she was scheduled for an MRI and then a biopsy. We got the call on Friday Feb 15th at 4:45pm.
Carly has been diagnosed with Soft Tissue Sarcoma. She has a tumor in her leg. After 3 weeks of waiting, it has come back as a rare form of cancer called Synovial Cell Sarcoma, one in a million are diagnosed each year. That’s our Carly, she is one in a million. I have decided to start a caring bridge page to keep friends and family updated on her progress. It’s getting too hard and taking so much time to message each person. If I didn’t tell you directly, please don’t take it personally. We are a very busy family and I have a horrible time telling people our problems. I’m already finding it hard to communicate and this is only the beginning. Our world has been flipped upside down.

Go Fund me acccount has been created to help with expenses. Parking, meals, medical bills etc.