Carl Searfoss

First post: Nov 26, 2018 Latest post: Dec 18, 2019

On Friday, November 16, 2018 dad (Carl) woke up feeling tired but looking  quite jaundice. They went to the family doctor who immediately sent them for some blood tests and an ultrasound. When the results came back, the ultrasound had shown a mass on his pancreas and his blood work had several red flags. His family doctor sent him in to Lancaster General Hospital (LGH) where the ER doctor consulted with a gastroenterologist and had a cat scan. The ER doctors said after looking at the cat scan and consulting with the gastroenterologist they were about 95% sure that it was pancreatic cancer. He was able to go home because he was experiencing  no pain but was told to come back in on Monday to have a stent put in so that his liver could function properly. 

So on Monday,  November 19, 2018 Carl went in to LGH to have the stent put in endoscopically,  take some pictures, measurements and brushing (scraping) of his pancreas. The stent was successfully put in. The pictures and measurements and brushing would provide the information to tell us whether it was cancer and how large the tumor was and where it was located. 

The results came back and confirmed the doctor's suspicion that in fact it was pancreatic cancer. Now here are the next steps that we will be taking over the next few weeks. 

STEP 1:  We are praying that Carl will get in this week (praying for Monday-tomorrow 11/26 ) to have a more thorough endoscopic ultra sound. This will give us better pictures, measurements, and brushings of the tumor and surrounding areas.

STEP 2:  Carl will have surgery to remove the tumor. We are praying for that to happen quickly following the endoscopic ultra sound.

STEP 3:  Carl will consult with an oncologist (cancer doctor) in December. 

We are all grieving this news but we remain hopeful that this cancer was caught early (doctors believe this from the pictures and measurements they obtained). As most of you know, we are a family of faith. We believe in the power of prayer and that God hears our prayers. So we are asking you to bombard heaven with prayers on Carl and Darlene's behalf.  So, please pray for the following things.

PRAYER 1:  Our desire is that God heals Dad/Carl from pancreatic cancer this side of eternity. We will use all forms of medical treatment as well as some  homeopathic protocols.  We  know God can use those treatments to heal the body. 

PRAYER 2:  Pray that Carl responds well to each procedure. Whether it's a test, surgery or the oncology plan - his body needs to handle this well.

PRAYER 3:  Pray for mom,  family and friends for strength, peace and hope.  

Thank you for your prayers, support and love. We will update this page as we have new information. The information we give here will be as thorough as possible. It is hard to communicate to all the people that love Carl and Darlene without a site like this one. We won't always be able to keep up with texts, calls and emails but know they are appreciated and needed.

We love you for taking this journey with us.