Carl Reherman

Carl has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Rectal Cancer.   He is receiving excellent care under Dr. Jess Armor out at the Coletta Cancer Center at Mercy Hospital.    His team of doctors feels confident that they will be able to successfully cure him, but the journey will be long and painful.  He is currently undergoing 16 weeks of Chemo and then will receive radiation.  The plan is to shrink the tumor in order to surgically remove it.  

We have received lots of inquiries from friends asking what they can do to help.  Well, he needs home-cooked healthy foods.   There is a calendar on this site.  If you are interested in providing a meal, please use this calendar to sign up.   He needs to stay away from anything with tomatoes and greasy foods.   We have been preparing meals and freezing them so he can just pop them into the microwave.  If this is something you would be willing to do, just add a note and then rsvp for multiple days.

In addition to meals, Carl is also in need of some basic things that are difficult for him to acquire....  we all know that Carl loves to walk but it is difficult to walk with a kitty litter, paper towels, bottle water, toilet paper, etc.  So I have also put