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First post: Aug 23, 2011 Latest post: Nov 27, 2022
Welcome family and friends of Carlos Barron. Please visit this website and get the latest update of our wonderful boy!!! Please continue your prayers and share this website with your friends and family. Thank you all for caring and showing Carlos and our family support. We are being sustained by your prayers and support and know God is with us all. 

With love and all of God's Blessings to you, 


August 21, 2011

Family and Friends of Carlos.

We wanted to have a place that everyone can come to for an accurate update on Carlos.

At 6:30 on Sunday night we received a call that there was an accident. He had fallen 30 -35 feet through a skylight, and was being airlifted to Loma Linda Hospital. The ride is about 40 minutes but it seemed so much longer but it gave us time to pray. It took some time to get answers as they were working on him. His family of friends - so many - came to the hospital as well as our family to wait for news. He sustained a severely traumatic brain injury, was in a coma and on a respirator. That began our roller coaster.

August 22,2011

Severe bruising on the brain in 4 areas.  Prognosis not good but we believe in miracles because after that fall, Carlos has no injuries to his body it was all sustained on his head. Our thinking - miracle number 1.  The roller coaster continues with good news and not so good news.  His pressure in the brain is on the lower side but will go up and it does.  Each increase in number our hearts get heavy.  Family and friends continue to pray with us and for us and we feel it.  Carlos received two CT scans the first showed very severe trauma. The second one was taken at 3am. At 10am we went over the results of the second CT with the neurologist. He showed how the damage to his brain had spread and was increasing. He gave us hope that Carlos was young and healthy and strong. The day consisted of a lot of ups and downs. A third CT was given 17 hours later and showed no further damage. We were getting ready to leave to go sleep for a few hours at a local hotel when our Priest from St. Paul the Apostle Church walked through the elevator. He blessed and gave Carlos the Anointing of the Sick. We are so blessed. Although we know God is always with us, we truly felt at that moment he was holding us.