Carl Battaglia

First post: Jan 22, 2022 Latest post: Feb 12, 2022
A brief history for those who don't know..... Carl checked into the hospital on Sunday,  January 9th- weak and with trouble breathing, having been sick for over a week. He was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia, though he might have contested that diagnosis, as those who know him know! Regardless, he was very sick when he checked in and has only responded variably to the multiple interventions. On Tuesday, 1/18 he and I (sister Carla) talked and decided that going on the ventilator was inevitable. He calmly and courageously chose to proceed with this intervention while I was there. He was very tired.  He is now also on a special bed which keeps him prone most of the day, and which facilitates lung functioning. We now wait..... we would like more encouraging news from the various numbers that provide feedback. But we also know the course of COVID is unpredictable and we believe in the power of prayer.