Eva & Jamie Cavileer Caring for the Cavileers

First post: Oct 1, 2019 Latest post: Jan 30, 2020
Eva & Jamie met at Ohio University in 2002 and have been together ever since. They got married in the fall of 2015 and welcomed baby James on February 9, 2018.  In July 2019, the couple found out that what they planned to be their second and final child, is actually spontaneous triplets! (Spontaneous in the medical field means natural, i.e. without fertility.)  Their family of three will double to a family of 6 - with all four kids under the age of two! The 3 identical girls will be 40 weeks on March 4th, but Eva and her doctors are hoping for 34 weeks, which means we can be expecting their arrival late January or early February 2020. 

This news is incredible, but also overwhelming, so with a few months left to plan, they're looking for creative ways to make this work. Creativity has always been a strength for Eva & Jamie. They have found a unique way to follow their individual passions while meeting their needs as a family. Eva works during the days as a clinical director and behavior analyst for children with autism.  Jamie is a stay-at-home dad and on nights and weekends, he’s living out his dream as a Division 1 college basketball official. 

While this routine has worked given their current situation, it poses a series of  financial challenges with triplets on the way, most notably:

1. Eva will likely be required to go on bed rest and is already not allowed to lift James, which means Jamie will be unable to referee.  
2. Eva works for a small private company, and does not have disability insurance, so she will max out at two weeks for paid time off.  
3. Jamie gets no paid time off.

Unfortunately, all of this means that Eva and Jamie will be without income during Eva’s bed rest and after the girls arrive. Additionally, they are anticipating three times the usual medical bills.  With your support, their financial situation can become more manageable. Click "Ways to Help" for a link to their fundraising page or go to the site: 

"There are no words to explain how thankful we are for our community, friends, and family. Many people have reached out to us asking how they can help, and we are thankful this gives us a place to connect. We did not expect to be in this situation, but we are so incredibly thankful that we have people behind us who are willing to help where we need it most." - Eva & Jamie Cavileer

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