Mason Teague Caring for Mason Teague

First post: Jul 22, 2022 Latest post: Sep 25, 2023
On June 22, 2022, 16 year old Mason Teague woke up happy and healthy.  He wanted to work out at the 24/7 gym that he was a member of. Mason only had his learner's permit, so his mother dropped him off. Mason was in the locked gym alone. Shortly after beginning his workout, the gym video shows him grabbing the back right side of his head.  As he grabbed his head with his left hand, he pulled out his cell phone with his right hand, and managed to get a 911 call made to Skiatook emergency dispatch.  Mason was able to alert dispatch that he was having a medical emergency and that he was at the gym, before he went unconscious.

Mason was unable to tell dispatch what gym he was at but as he went unconscious, his cell phone remained connected. They were able to ping his phone to determine the location where the call was made from. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, (Police, Fire and Ambulance), they found that the gym was locked.  A call was placed to the gym owner who was a couple of miles away at the time. When entry was made, Mason was found on the floor. Upon determining where Mason lived, a member of the Skiatook PD quickly made a trip to his house, where the officer picked his mom up to take her to the gym.

Mason was transported to a local hospital  where it was determined that he suffered a brain arteriovenous malformation (AVM) rupture, which caused a serious brain bleed and stroke. Mason was Life Flighted from the local hospital to a specialty hospital. He received excellent life saving care in the PICU. After 23 days, he was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital. Mason is currently unresponsive, but we continue to pray for his recovery. 
Mason is facing a very long road to whatever form of recovery that God grants him. As his family, we ask that you keep Mason (and us) in your prayers. We will use this site to make updates on his progress, as well as mentioning any needs that we might have during this period.

Thank you all for the prayers and support that you have already extended on our behalf.