Carolyn Vancattenburch Caring for Carolyn

Reminiscing back to when I was a little boy, my most prominent memory of my mother is how she lent me her caring hand when it came to guidance, helped me find answers by allowing me to discover my own path and sense of direction instead of her path and direction. She didn't live through me vicariously nor did she push me, or any of her children for that matter, to pursue a future that she wanted us to have. She pushed us to push our own selves. Instead of saying, "This is what you should do," she would say things like, "Well what would you do so that you would be happy?" Or "I think you should try what you like the most.” Now that I'm an adult, those are the lessons that stick with you. I don't know how she did and still does it, but she is the best mother and has always been one to offer a hand to strangers simply because it is what is right, while teaching us to do the same. Mom, I still have way too much to learn from you and I know that. You need to be there for Anne's and my wedding, and for your youngest grandson's sister or brother to come into this world.  And I need you AND dad to help show me the way because it's not until I was a father myself that I completely comprehended just how astounding you guys are as parents. It's almost not even fathomable. I hope you know there is not a singular possible thing you could have done better for us when it came to being amazing parents in all facets. It's a scary job and you guys succeeded in making us feel like you had everything figured out until we were ready for the world. Because of being raised by such a hospitable and altruistic woman, I am having a very difficult time writing this. Anyone who knows me knows these two things: I do not ask for handouts, and I am rarely public about any stresses in my own life. But I am always concerned about others because I love and that's how I was raised by my mother and father, who have been happily married for over 37 years and are a couple with a movie-type love to aspire toward. I should be more vocal about my own stresses but have never possessed the mettle nor fortitude to ask others for assistance, but my mom is sick and has been for a while now. For over 7 years, IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) and cancer treatments have been accruing and it's...a lot. We all help where we can, but she is going to be receiving a potentially life changing, and potentially lifesaving surgery. Due to the hospital bills that have stacked up, any assistance that can be generated toward her returning to health and these massive bills that her and my father have accrued would be beyond appreciated; to be understated. It's just too much for them. I would do anything to have the financial ability to pay for how expensive this all is, but we unfortunately reside in a country where it is not at all cheap to stay alive when you are very sick for long periods of time. I alone do not have the ability to help her, but if we could collectively reach enough other caring hands that are willing to donate to help us keep one of the REALLY good souls on this planet - this is surely one of the most wholesome goals possible.  Anything makes a difference. 🙏 Any share or word of ear makes a difference - to myself, our family, and literally anyone that has met my mother. She is a soul you cannot NOT love. So please - help us give back to the woman that knows nothing but to give so that she can remain with us for more treasured years, so she can see her 3-year-old grandson grow, and so that he can be inspired by remembering her genuine and kind-hearted nature. So that I can do even a minor fraction for her all the wonderful things she's done for me and everyone else in her life, now and in the future. Thank you!!! 🙏 ✨✨✨ IMPORTANT NOTE: Those wishing to donate to our loving mother/wife/grandmother directly, please do so by clicking the "ways to help" tab then click the "GoFundMe" link to donate 💓 or you can donate on Venmo to @Carolyn-vanCattenburch directly.

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