Carey Mock

I had back surgery on November 5th.  Post op it is routine to do a CT scan to check the placement of the hardware.  My CT just so happened to show a mass on my liver.  I then had a CT, with special attention to my liver, that confirmed the 6 cm mass.  I made an appointment with Dr Gellar at the UPMC Liver cancer center.  Sunday I realized I wasn't feeling right.  Every time I ate I had stomach pain and nausea that just got worse as the days passed.  Finally, Wednesday, I was jaundiced and I couldn't take the severe pain anymore so I called an ambulance to take me to UPMC Presbyterian.  At the hospital, they basically kept me comfortable for four days.   After running a lot of blood tests, MRI, biopsy, the Dr's have come to the conclusion that I have colangiocarcinoma.  Not a pretty diagnosis.  I then got a call from Dr Gellar's office stating that the tumor board met and decided that Dr Humar is the Dr I need to see.  Within 1 week I saw Dr Humar who explained they needed to remove the mass and 45% - 55% of my liver and harvest a vein from my thigh to replace one in my liver.  The surgery will take at least 8 hours and is scheduled for March 1st