Candi Kesler Candi's Cancer Journey

First post: Nov 2, 2021 Latest post: Feb 17, 2022
As some of you know and most of you don’t I have some personal news to share, I am NOT doing this for sympathy or to upset and or worry anyone but merely to put this out there as a reminder how important it is to take care of yourself! I have spent the last few weeks contemplating if I wanted to share this information on a public platform or not. The reason I have decided to follow through with this is if I can help anyone even if it is just one person then I will know that it is or will be well worth sharing. The end of August I was talking with a friend and our conversation steered to personal care and the crazy times we are living in, she mentioned that she had just had a mammogram which sparked the reminder that I had lost track of time and scheduling my yearly follow up one for myself. This conversation took place Friday August 27th, I made an appointment for my mammogram for the following Monday August 30th. Fast forward to Thursday September 9th @ 7:30 A.M. as I was getting ready for work my phone rang I was told that I had been diagnosed with Invasive lobular carcinoma breast cancer!!! From September 13th through October 11th our lives have been quite the rollercoaster and needless to say been turned upside down multiple times. I have been to countless doctor’s appointments, and many tests have been completed. Three hours after I received the call that my last biopsy was negative my phone rang again, that call was to schedule my surgery to get this cancer out of my body. I will be having bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction done on Thursday November 4th. I am very grateful for all the support from my family, “work family” and friends. Anyone who is interested in knowing what is going on over the next few or more months, I will posting updates on here.